juice extractor

by eli

Is it advisable to extract the juice from the leaves with a juice extractor used for wheatgrass? How much to drink? How long will it stay in the refrigerator?

I don't think this will work, although you may prove me wrong.
Olive leaves are not "juicy", but rather leathery so I doubt the juicer will extract much.
If you do succeed it should last well in the refrigerator but you will have to try to find out how long.

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by: Terence

Thank you for the input.

If you can't get 70% alcohol, you can also use Vodka with 40% abv (alcohol by volume).

Oleuropein extraction from olive leaf
by: Sue McHale

Hi, when I lived in NZ, I used to gather the olive leaves, wash them and dry in the sun. When dry, I would break up or crush the leaves. I used seventy percent alcohol to extract the active ingredient oleuropein from the olive leaves by covering the washed, dried and crushed leaves in the alcohol and sealing the jar. Every day for 2 weeks I would shake the jar at least twice daily. After the fortnight, I drained the alcohol through muslin or any fine mesh like material. That is how I made olive leaf extract. It's a powerful virucide, fungicide and it's anti bacterial. One teaspoon morning and evening will prevent a lot of poor health. I used to suffer from colds and sore throats constantly. Not anymore since using olive leaf extract.

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