Is Olive Leaf Extact able to treat eye parasites in children

by M

Hello, hope you can help me here.

I have recently given my daughters olive leaf extract to treat any potential stomach parasites they might have.
I purchased Convita Olive Leaf Extract for Children. It contains 33 mg of oleuropein and the recommended dose was 10ml per day (I would appreciate if you could review this product).
After 10-14 day both of my daughter got runny stool, and the younger one some mild rash, which I attributed to the effect of olive leaf extract working and their bodies flushing out any toxins.

As I was not sure can I continue giving them more extract any longer after 2-3 days of runny poo, I have stopped. But today my older daughter complained that she feels something wiggling in the back of her left eye and it makes it burning.

Could it be that olive leaf extract moved something that has been in her eye? Can I continue giving her extract to deal with this problem?
I should probably mention that last year when we did the total scan of her body, there was an indication that she had a parasite on her left eye but as she did not have any complains or problems with her eye sight, this was totally dismissed by eye doctor (and my husband) hence not looked at any further.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

Yours M.

Hello M,

I find it strange that the runny poo only started after 10-14 days. If it was a Herxheimer reaction it would normally start after about a day.
Did you split the daily dose into 2 smaller doses?

I think you were right to stop giving it to them to see if the diarrhoea stops quickly. If not, it may be a tummy bug although that also is unlikely while taking olive leaf. You don't mention how young your children are.

Could they have eaten some contaminated food?

I have no experience with the product you bought so do not know if others have had a similar reaction with it. It may be best to approach the manufacturers with the symptoms and ask them if this is the case.
I do think the olive leaf should be stopped until you know what is happening, and I wouldn't mess with a parasite behind the eye. I think a visit to an opthalmologist or optician would be advisable for this development.
It is very likely that the olive leaf is disrupting this parasite but the stakes are too high for self-medication without knowing the possible consequences.

It is better to know as much as possible before making a decision as to how to deal with it.
I hope this helps.

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