Iron deficient anemia

by Antoinette
(Durban, South Africa)


I have been diagnosed with chronic iron deficient anaemia, and require daily iron supplements.

Will taking Olive Leaf extract interfere with absorption of iron? My immune system is now very compromised and I am suffering with regular throat infections.


The only mineral-related effect I know of when taking Olive Leaf extract is a slight lowering of blood calcium levels, although I don't think this is an absorption issue.

I would check with the doctor if there is a way he/she could monitor the situation while you take initially small doses of Olive Leaf extract.

I do believe Olive Leaf would be of great benefit to you.

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My story
by: Anonymous

I am also iron deficient due to having the following; two different types of tapeworms, hookworms, helicobacter, streph throat and epstein barr virus.

Was diagnosed 9 months ago and it has taken me this long to get rid of everything (all gone now just did extensive testing!).
Plus I was a vegetarian and at times raw foodist and vegan for 15 years.

I believe olive leaf extract was the key to getting better, lots of vitamin C, B and iron and most importantly eating meat again.

I dont know if OLE interferes with iron absorption but taking them at different times of the day would be wise.

Dont give up your OLE as it will help your immune system and be aware that this doesn't happen overnight. You need to take it consistently for a couple of months.

Hope you will be healthy again soon.

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