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Welcome to the home of the most concentrated Olive Leaf tincture in the world.

This may sound over zealous, but here is why we believe it's true;

  • A strong 1:2 ethanolic tincture is made from organic leaves.
  • To this is added as much concentrated olive leaf extract powder, standardized to contain 20% oleuropein, as will dissolve.
  • The liquid is mixed and allowed to stand until the full nutrient-carrying capacity of the tincture is reached.
  • Insoluble particles are then filtered out of the solution, now at an unrivalled 1:0.8 olive leaf to liquid ratio (the lower the second figure, the stronger the tincture).
  • The tincture, when diluted 1:1 in water or juice is now the ideal concentration for maximum absorption in the stomach.
  • The liquid, because of the properties of ethanol passes into your blood stream, from the moment it touches your mouth all the way down your alimentary canal.
  • Within minutes it has started to apply the miracle of olive leaf to your system.
We leave the final evaluation up to you of course, as the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

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