How can I keep Olive Leaf Tablets below 25 degrees C. in very hot summer.

by Steven

I take 1x 6000mg olive leaf tablet per day. I read on the label olive leaf tablets have to be stored below 25 degrees Celsius.
Even if you store these tablets in a place, not in direct sunlight won't the temperature in the air sometime be above 25 degrees Celsius and thus affect the olive leaf performance?
I heard it was not recommended to store olive leaf in the fridge.

Could you please give me advice how best to store olive leaf and avoid hot air temperatures. To my mind there is no answer, I may be wrong.

Temperatures above 25 degrees C. (which is an approximate figure) will speed up the rate at which the constituents of olive leaf degrade, however this is a process.

From the time of manufacture until the time you buy the product, 6 months or more may have elapsed.
During this period the tablets should have been transported and stored by the wholesalers and retail outlets at below 25 degrees C. to keep the active ingredients close to the concentrations stated on the container, or reasonably near their peak if not specified.

Once you purchase the product, you will likely finish it in about 2 months, depending on how many are in the container. If the temperature had to go periodically to 30 degrees C. it should not make a noticeable difference.

If your average room temperatures are higher, it would be better to keep them in the 'fridge; however the risk is that they absorb moisture and go soggy. If they can be kept dry this should not harm the olive leaf. If they are made from a concentrated extract they will tend to absorb moisture more readily.

If you keep a sachet or two of drying agent (desiccant) in the container, and dry the sachets out when necessary, it may solve this problem.

It would also be better not to buy more than a 2-month supply at a time if possible.

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