Help for sinus infection

by Darlene Dalton
(Dalton, Georgia, USA)

I have a severe sinus infection and have been taking an antibiotic but it seems to be just getting worse.
I remembered that I had bought some olive leaf capsules, but the date says they are best to be used by 10/12.
Do you think they are still good?
They are 500 mg-10% Oleuropein.
If they are still good, how many should I take a day?

A good manufacturer will manufacture the product a bit stronger than that listed on the container.
This is because the active ingredients tend to degrade slowly over time, forming other compounds due to the effect of heat, light, oxygen etc.
If a product is at the end of its shelf life, or 4 months over in this case, it will most probably contain less of the active ingredients than that listed on the container.
The actual value will vary from product to product, packaging type to packaging type and depending also on the temperature of the surroundings where it was stored.
It should still work after it has expired (within reason) if the container was kept closed in a cool place out of sunlight but as you correctly assumed you will have to take more.
These seem like pretty good capsules strength-wise so start off as you would anyway as a first-time user, at a low dosage, say 1 capsule 3 times a day.
After 3 days, if you are not having a detox reaction, double this quantity to 6 a day.
If this still has a weak effect on the sinus problem after about 4 days you could go up to 9 capsules per day.
This should definitely do the trick, unless the capsules have lost their useful life.
You should be able to gauge by now if olive leaf extract is going to help with your particular problem. If it is helping, your next new bottle, whether a tincture or capsules will help much more.
You should probably complete your course of antibiotics before taking the olive leaf extract.

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