Helicobacter Pylori

Has anyone had a success with Helicobacter bacteria?

Admin. answer:
Helicobacter Pylori is listed in Dr. Morton Walker's book, Olive Leaf Extract Pg.66 as an infectious disease for which olive leaf extract acts as an antimicrobial agent.

However, as with many such infections, a multi-pronged approach is always the long-term solution.
The first question to ask is "how did this infection take root in the first place?" Was it diet, stress, a cocktail of medication for some other condition?

A good reference is http://jonbarron.org/search/google/Helicobacter%20pylori?query=Helicobacter%20pylori&cx=011341685810792984448%3Acxqelzl-muq&cof=FORID%3A11&sitesearch=

If an obvious root can be identified, then this first cause should be eliminated at the same time as taking olive leaf extract and appropriate food supplements and probiotics (or cultured vegetables) so important to intestinal health.

The body can heal surprisingly quickly when we remove what is causing the problem and give it the ammo. it needs.

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