Giardia Protozoa in Dogs

by Corinne

How does olive leaf kill Giardia protozoa in dogs?

I do not know the mechanism by which it does this - or to what extent it does.
Giardia is listed in Dr. Morton Walker's book as a disease for which olive leaf acts as an antimicrobial agent.
I have had an olive leaf extract lab tested before for its effectiveness against malaria (also protozoan) using an anti-malarial drug as a comparison. In- vitro test results were mildly positive but dosage used was insufficient to act as effectively as the anti-malarial drug which was used.

It may work better in vivo as certain enzymes are needed to convert oleuropein into elenolic acid, hydroxytyrosol and other active constituents.
I suspect they key to its use against Giardia lies in the product used, the dosage administered and the duration of treatment.

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