Epileptic seizures

Olive leaf extract for dogs: Is it true that it may help in epileptic seizures? Currently our dog (4yr old male pom)is taking phoenobarbitol (2tabs daily-32.4 mg)along with SAME and MILK THISLE. Could his diet have any control over the seizures?

As seizures can be for a variety of reasons, it can't be said that Olive leaf extract will definitely help.
It may help in some cases, but I would tend to concentrate on nutrition. Is the dog getting the nutrients he needs, including trace minerals, proteins and fats he would get in fresh meat?
I would give him some fresh bones from the butcher with a bit of marrow in them and other bits of raw meat, fish and milk products and even raw vegetables.
I personally believe most processed dog foods, cubes etc. are so high in preservatives, grains and other things a wild dog would never eat they do more harm than good.

Dec 08, 2015 Seizures
by: Dee

500 mg. of Taurine helped reduce my Shih tzu dogs seizures.


Apr 09, 2016 Seizures/Lcarnitine
by: Anonymous

Read it. tried it. It works! Its a type of protein, works as a brain food.
Works in seconds! My pomeranian, only had 1 seziure since I've given her a finger of it a day. She had 1 because, I forgot!! to give the L'Carnitine. I got the liquid, she likes it!

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