Does Olive Leaf Extract Affect Sleeping?

by Carol

I'm currently on sleeping pills and find since having a bad cold and taking olive leaf extract, that I am having restless, mind-going-in circles , awaking after 1/2 hour to hour sleep.

I'm so tired, had bad headaches from being overtired. Is this a reaction to the medication sleeping pill.

My doctor told me to take this course for 7 days, along with my anxiety, but meanwhile my immune system was down from my school where I worked and caught a cold.

Olive Leaf extract works out of your system in about 4-6 hours. If you take it before bedtime it could affect your sleeping for a while as it is a vasodilator and especially increases blood flow to the heart according to research.

I would guess that anxiety plays the bigger role in sleeplessness and there are many ways to improve sleep including nutritional supplements.

If you are under stress it pays to take a multi-vitamin, or foods rich in B vitamins especially. Drink calming teas in place of black tea or coffee. Do some gentle exercise like walking in the evening and don't eat within a good 3 hours of bedtime.
It's amazing how a few little things like this can help.

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