by Caroline
(Eugene, OR)

Before discovering Olive Leaf extract I had 2 severe bouts of Diverticulitis.
The doctor's were telling me that if it happened again they were going to operate.
When I started having symptoms of another attack, a friend told me about the Olive Leaf and I tried it. Since I was already showing signs of infection, I took triple the amount it said on the bottle. I noticed improvement the next day!
Not only did I not have to go to the doctor but now I take one in the morning and one at night and have not had another occurrence of infection in my intestines.

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by: Robin

What brand should I take

Praise Jesus Indeed! Also Helped by this!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing this Cathy. I was in soo much pain with a bad bout of diverticulitus and feeling very helpless.

Into the 3rd day of really bad pain I found your post. By the 2nd day I could not believe the difference. I had almost all of my large intestine removed several years ago and this will soo improve the quality of my life.

Thank Jesus and thank you for Sharing Your Story!!

Cured of diverticulitis
by: Cathy L Crain

I had two CT scans done one month apart that showed acute diverticulitis,and was sent to a surgeon. The surgeon said I needed to have the diseased section cut out.

I began taking olive leaf extract, and after one month, I went for a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy showed that I had very few, and very small diverticula.

The surgeon said I would not require surgery, and it was a miracle. She told me to stay on olive leaf extract for the rest of my life, and I am going to.

I had suffered for 7 years, off and on antibiotics with no relief, but now I am totally cured, because I found olive leaf extract. Praise Jesus!

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