Die off effect

by Esther
(New Zealand)

I'm in the fourth week of taking Olive leaf and am experiencing symptoms of the "die off effect". How long does this last?

This all depends on what was wrong.
If the "die off" has only now started, it should last no longer than a few days to a week.

If you have had a chronic illness for years, it may take longer. If you have been experiencing "die off" for four weeks I suggest you lower the dosage for a while or stop altogether for a few days and start on a lower dosage.

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Is this the die off effect
by: Anonymous

I first started taking the liquid form of olive extract and felt well and energetic. Then I was given capsules. I only took one per day and I now feel dizzy and slight pain around my head and sides of my face. Is this the die off effect?

Should I see a doctor? I have decided to stop taking them. These symptoms started a few days ago and still feel ill. How long should this die off effect last?
Symptoms include sweating and shivers.
Pressure all over my head and some pain down the side of my face around my jaws and nostrils and general weakness all over my body.

This may well be a die-off effect. It also may not be.
Die-off normally lasts between 2 days to a week if you get it at all.
You may have some dormant virus or other that the Olive leaf extract has "found".

If the symptoms don't go within a day or two of stopping, it's probably a good idea to see a doctor, allopathic or alternative.
You may have something totally unrelated. A doctor would be in the best position to judge this.

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