Chop or Chew Olive Leaves

by Veronica

Hi I have been eating Olive leaves with good effect. But I was wondering do I have to chew the leaves to get the full benefit? Or can I chop them up and take them with water as when I chew them they turn my tongue green!

That should work if you chop them up small.
The cells in the leaves ideally need to be crushed or burst open in order to extract the constituents. A shredding/chopping machine may help with this and you could try to extract the juice with a little water.
A better way would be to make a tincture as described on this site or a tea by chopping up the leaves then adding hot water which will also release the constituents somewhat.

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how many
by: Anonymous

Ho many olive leaves should i chew in one day

I chew them
by: Anonymous


I chew the olive leafs and it does not turn my tongue green. Any way, what if it does? Nobody would see it and it will wear off in a very short time, and you are not running around with your tongue hanging out don't you lol. However, if you chew more than one olive leaf at the same time as I used to, it might attack the lining of your mouth but it will regenerate in about an hour or so and will not harm you in the long run.


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