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(Wiltshire, UK)

I have been taking about 10ml of my husbands Olive Leaf Complex in one dose at breakfast most days for about a month - initially for recurrent genital herpes but then I continued as I got thrush which I get regularly, and the thrush is now the worst it's ever been. My husband said that to read the bit on your site which explained how it can get worse before it gets better. So, it looks like I should continue, but I wonder if I am taking the best dosage, form or what of the Olive Leaf. I think I should also get my own supply!
Could you advise me? My vaginal thrush / candida has been long long standing(about 15 years regularly and I also have a very sore swollen patchy tongue - (geographic) which has come up this week, and again, I have not had that for several months. Genital herpes I get almost always after any kind of energy healing - be it reflexology or reiki, or energy healing.

I am undergoing a lot of stress right now and its been quite a traumatic 3 years, so there is a build up of stress, but I do practice energy medicine techniques (Donna Eden), prayer, and inner smiling.

When there is a long history of immune-system-related illness, it is usually caused by a lifestyle that is not conducive to the health of your own particular constitution. This includes foods, medications, stress, environment, pollution, preservatives and who knows what else.

Your husband may be right in that you are experiencing "die-off" symptoms, but if you have systemic candidiasis and other problems it may take a long time to win the battle with just olive leaf extract. If there are ongoing causes, you may win for a while but eventually when your immunity is down at some point it will probably come back.
I normally suggest making sure you are eating the right foods and some supplements to create a healthy gut flora. This may also mean the avoidance of medications that destroy beneficial gut bacteria and upset your hormonal balance, e.g. birth control pills, antibiotics.
At the end of the day, our bodies are designed to function a certain way and the more we deviate from that way the more problems we begin to pick up.
As a layman I suggest you read up about yeast overgrowth so you understand what is happening. I link to a book below which although it is quite old, explains the problem very well and has an excellent section on diet, what you can and can't eat to get back on track and it is not a severely restrictive diet at all.
I would also suggest taking a good probiotic formula similar to the one below. It is more important to have the right certified bacteria rather than multiple billions of the wrong ones which can't colonise your intestines or do much good if they do.
You can also help matters by eating fermented foods which you can make yourself.

You may find taking olive leaf capsules works better for you than a liquid formula, especially if it is flavoured.
Lastly, if you are on medication, consult your health care professional before making any changes so you can be monitored and helped along the way.

This book may help you correct your diet and here is an example of probiotics that can help. You can also try making kefir and sauerkraut or other fermented foods to stabilize your gut bacteria.

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by: Anonymous

Can I be become immune to olive leaf? I have been taking it for 20 years off and on and now it doesn't seem to be working

There is no reason to believe you have become immune to it, because its primary mode of operation is not to boost your immune system but to deplete or inhibit the replication of the pathogens themselves.
It is however possible that after repeatedly using it for the same infection, the microbes have developed a measure of resistance or immunity.

It would depend on what you are taking it for - is it a re-infection of the same pathogens that get inhibited in their cycle or are they completely eradicated by the olive leaf and your own immune system?

It may be that your immune system is unable to play the part it used to and you need a lifestyle change to enhance your body's ability to fight again. Olive leaf extract supports your immune system rather than replacing it.

Lastly, it may be that you got an infection that olive leaf does not successfully repel at any time. It does work better for some thing than for others.

If it is being used for thrush, it is very likely that the environment in your body has changed over time and dietary or other changes are needed to restore an environment that is inhospitable to that kind of infection.

by: Terence

It is also important to restore your beneficial gut bacteria if you have been on a diet of refined wheat, products with a lot of sugar etc.

You can take probiotic products or make cultured vegetables to do this.

Olive leaf abstract
by: Anonymous

I have taken Olive leaf extract in liquid form twice now and both times it actually caused me to get vaginal candida (thrush). It must somehow alter the body PH. I am 100% sure it is not a coincidence as I have been on no other vitamins or medications.

by: Anon

I started taking Olive leaf extract tincture (glycerin and water), that has 22mg of Oleuropein per 5 ml dose, 6 days ago.
I've been struggling with serious recurrent herpes for 2 years, and this year I had my first genital outbreak. On the genital area I had 2 outbreaks this year. But for the last 2 years I had about 2 to 3 outbreaks on my mouth a month. It's been a nightmare. On the mouth they cure sometimes in one or two days.
This year I started taking 800 mg of acyclovir daily, my doctor prescribed it for one year.
I'm always searching for natural remedies as well because I don't want to take meds all my life.
I eat organic food and follow an alkaline diet, I have a very relaxed life, do daily yoga and stopped taking my birth control pill.

I've been taking green clay water before bed every night for almost two months (helped me a lot with a bladder infection, I cured it without any meds) and I started barley grass powder on lunch and dinner.

As I told you I started taking olive leaf extract 6 days ago. On the first days I took about 20 ml a day. The first take was on an empty stomach before breakfast but then I started to become constipated and since yesterday I'm taking it after breakfast.
I've been feeling very tired and with a constant headache for 4 days. I also noticed that I have lost weight (which is not very good for me right now). My genital herpes has cured but in my mouth it doesn't go away… I'm feeling sick.
I wanted to know if you could tell me if these are die-off symptoms, is it normal to feel this tired, with a constant headache and with a difficult herpes in my mouth that doesn't cure??

I took blood tests this year and everything was fine. I only had very few white blood cells and my doctor told me that I had a weak immune system and with some vitamins everything would be normal.
Also, can you please tell me what is the best dosage for my case? I also don't want to continue to lose weight… How long until I see results with Olive Leaf Extract?

I think you are already seeing very positive results in the form of die-off symptoms. The headache and tiredness are typical die-off symptoms.

As you have had Herpes outbreaks for 2 years it will not go away overnight.
If the die-off symptoms are too much to cope with, halve the dosage for a few days, or stop altogether if necessary, then resume when you are feeling better. Start of with smaller doses and gradually build to the recommended dose for your product.

I would not worry too much about some weight loss at this stage unless it is more than a few kilo's (depending on your weight) and does not stabilize. Olive leaf is a diuretic, and you have probably lost mainly water if you are drinking a lot while taking the clay (which is strongly recommended).

I don't think it wise to take liquid clay for too long at a stretch - give it a break after 3 weeks for a few weeks, then resume if necessary to continue to detox. It may be draining other nutrients from your system which you need to preserve at this stage. I'm no expert on clay at all, but I assume that if it draws out heavy metals and toxins it may draw out certain minerals/trace minerals even while supplying others. It may be an idea to supplement with some trace minerals and food-based vitamins for a while.

I am also dubious about taking olive leaf and acyclovir together. While there are no recorded interactions, it's best to settle on either natural medicine or drugs for a space of time, not both together unless you have made your doctor aware of this. You may also be adding stress to your body.

The Herpes in your mouth may be best addressed by holding tincture in your mouth for a few minutes then spitting it out. I have found ethanolic tinctures mixed with a little water to be especially good for mouth sores.

Building good health takes time but you seem to be on the right track. Keep grains, refined carbohydrates and soda pop to a minimum (especially the diet versions), try making cultured vegetables (see You Tube) and make sure you are getting a balanced source of omega oils.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist so these suggestions are purely that, based on previous experience and feedback.

Found a wonderful resource
by: Cindy

Online go to Lisa Richards "The Ultimate Candida Diet". I have battled this my whole life. Following her advice is helping me tremendously.
It is challenging but so worth it.

10ml isn't enough
by: Peter

I’m addressing you like I would talk to a friend. You said you took 10 ml per day to clear some thrush.
You should know that not all brands have the same strength. Get a good brand of liquid olive leaf extract. You could find many on the Internet. Buy direct from the producers either from the US or from Australia.
My medical practitioner told me off, when I saw her about my bladder infection (11 years old infection which re-occurred nearly every month) and I told her that I want to take liquid olive leaf extract. I decided to take Olive leaf extract anyway.
After my infection had cleared for good (it didn’t come back for the last one year), I went back to my irate GP and told her the good news. She was very happy for me.
But while I was taking the liquid olive leaf extract I’ve tried different quantities and I have to tell you that the quantities were a lot higher than you took.

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