Can Olive Leaf Powder contain 20% Oleuropein

by OliveDreams

How is the oleuropein percentage determined? I contacted one company and theirs was only 6.25% oleuropein, but it was pure powder. But, you see pills filled with powder claiming 20%.


Yes it can contain 20% oleuropein, or even more. It all depends on how it was concentrated and how much cellulose and other constituents are left in the powder which you can't tell simply by looking at it. Capsules often contain bulking agents and other excipients as well which change the colour.

A product containing 6.25% oleuropein can still be very effective if it contains a good balance of the other active constituents.

Some products for example are formulated with 50% powder containing 20% oleuropein mixed with 50% powdered leaves which may contain 4% or less oleuropein. The final concentration would be around 11-12% oleuropein.

The general trend is to go for a high oleuropein content but this can cause stomach upsets for some people - especially if taken apart from meals.

For a maintenance or preventive dose 6.25% oleuropein is fine if the company used good quality leaves. At a high enough dosage it can be effective to combat disease as well. If you look at the "dosage" page on this website you can see a rule - of - thumb dosage for different purposes.

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