Boiled olive leaves


I boil a handful olive leaves every day and make it into 3 glasses and only consume only one per day. I feel that the dosage is not right after experiencing stomach ache and diarrhoea. It makes me wonder how many leaves should I boil and how should I boil them. Any suggestion on this case?


It sounds like your extract is either too strong or your leaves may be contaminated with something - for example some type of spray.

A third possibility is that you have a Candida-like yeast/fungal or bacterial overgrowth in your gut and the olive leaf is attacking it too aggressively.

I think the first and third possibilities are probably the most likely, as a handful of olive leaves - assuming they are a suitable variety - will pack a powerful antimicrobial punch.

I suggest taking a small quantity of leaves chopped up, such as what you would find in a normal teabag, pour boiling water over it and steep for 10 minutes.
Try drinking that and see if you have a reaction.

If not, you can try boiling that small quantity for a few minutes and drink it. The longer you boil, the more bitter it will taste, so if you are drinking it as a pleasant healthy beverage, just prepare it as you would any other tea.

If it is to treat a condition of some sort, increase the strength slowly so that it doesn't give you the symptoms you described.

If you still get a stomach ache, try purchasing some capsules or a tincture and see if you have the same reaction. No adverse reaction would indicate a problem with your leaves.

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by: Anonymous

I pick olive leafs from an olive tree (that does not seem to produce fruits!. then leave them to air dry inside for about a week. then i use a coffee grinder to turn them into powder... my question:

is it better to boil the powder in water for a while then drink? or place the powder in hot water and let it sit for a few minutes before drinking (like a tea bag)?

It will probably be a bit stronger and more bitter if you boil it due to the extra tannins extracted.
If it is purely for prevention this is probably not necessary.

fresh or dried?
by: yariv


Which is better to boil for tea, fresh olive leaves or dried olive leaves?


I don't think anyone knows for sure. Fresh will give you all the volatile substances in the leaf as well, some of which may be beneficial.

Leaves dried at room temperature can produce more oleuropein in an extraction (*) but this does not necessarily guarantee a better result.

*Silva, S., Gomes, L., Leitao, F., Coelho, A.V. and Vilas Boas, L. (2006) Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Olea-europaea L. Fruits and Leaves. Food Science and Technology International, 12, 385-396.

White Residue
by: Anonymous

I also got white residue after boiling olive tree leaves I picked. Is it dangerous to drink?

I think that is a common effect. I'm not sure if it is from the leaves or from minerals in the water.
Either way I don't think it is a problem - unless the leaves have been sprayed with something.

boiled leaves left a powdery residue
by: Anonymous

I've just boiled a handful of olive leaves, collected from a tree in the Ligurian hills of Italy and a powdery white residue formed. Is this olive leaf residue or is this typical after boiling?

Olive leaf tea
by: Christel Webb

I use 12 leafs every day and make a 6 cup tea pot full. I let it brew until the next day and it has never given me any grief. I also eat 6 fresh leafs from my tree every day if I can. They are a little bit bitter but not disgustingly bitter. They are a bit leathery but will break down quickly. Afterwards there is a squeaky feeling in your mouth but that will go after a while as well and does no harm.

New Zealand winter are always very wet and cold and flu ridden. It seems that everybody here has a cough or some kind of cold symptoms at the moment except for me.

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