Bladder Infection & Blood pressure

by Peter Mamara
(Melbourne, Australia)

In the year 2000 I was paralyzed from my waist down. Since then I’ve recovered, and I’ve learned to walk again.
I had to catheterize 4 times daily because my bladder doesn’t empty properly due to a neurological predicament, but I had a recurring bladder infection, which affected me nearly every month. The longest time without antibiotics were 3 months. Because of that, my intestinal flora was destroyed, and after 3 years I felt I'm going to expire.
My doctor had sent me to clinics where they looked inside my gut. The doctor said that my gut lining looked OK, so no one could explain my horrible pains. Then they looked in my colon but there was nothing to find.
One day I was watching TV and I saw an advertisement:
“Have you taken your Inner Health Plus today?”
I went to my Chemist and I bought Inner Heath Plus capsules, which I kept in my fridge. After 8 days of taking 2 capsule per day (double the normal dose) the feeling that I’m going to expire had vanished. My stools became normal, after having diarrhea nearly all the time.

In January 2011 I’ve taken liquid olive leaf extract. It killed the bacteria that I couldn’t get rid of in the last 11 years. The urine used to be discolored and it had a smell of seafood, if you ever went to a fish market.
I have discovered that the olive leaf extract not only had cleared my bladder infection, but it helped me with lowering my blood pressure and lowered my heart rate from 70 beats per minute to 60 while taking this particular liquid.
It has been one year now and I haven't taken antibiotics anymore. In fact I don't take any medication anymore.


Thanks a million for this amazing testimonial.
For those who are interested, Inner Health Plus is a probiotic formula. (Available in Australia).
There are other good ones available on Amazon.

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