Which variety of olive tree

by Sandy

Can I use the leaves from any olive tree, or are some varieties not advised. Also are some more effective than others?


There are better varieties, being the Mission and Manzanillo varieties. Sub-species Olea Africana has good diuretic and heart antioxidant properties.

I have it on good authority that Chinese olive tree cultivars do not contain oleuropein. I do not know if they contain very little or none at all.
The Chinese olive industry is growing apace so new varieties may be imported specifically for the leaves at some stage which will change this scenaro.
If you stay with the ones above you won't go wrong but that is not to say that other varieties will not work.

I am not aware of any that are ill-advised - I think your local nursery or a good reference book would be able to confirm this.

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Where it's grown
by: Anonymous

Does where the olive tree is grown make a difference as to the level of oleuropein content in the leaves?
I live in Arizona and would like to grow my own olive trees which I know grow here, but need to know the answer to my question. Thanks.

That is a good question, to which I don't have the answer.
Olive trees do favour dry and rocky ground as you are probably aware. It may be there are fewer pests in that type of climate which would suggest lower levels of oleuropein necessary for the plant.
There are other active constituents in the leaves and ratios may even vary according to the type of diseases found in the area, something like our bodies developing immunity to the diseases prevailing where we live, but on a plant level.

There are two solutions I can suggest;
1. Try to get good quality leaves from the geographic area in which you plan to grow. You can then have these tested for constituents. (This is an expensive option).

2. You may be able to get information from companies who process extracts from the leaves. They would buy leaves with the highest yield of oleuropein and may be able to delineate the climatic regions which tend to have the best yield.

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Young vs old leaves

Which leaves are best to make a tincture?


No one has tested it as far as I know.
Probably a mixture would be best. You don't want to pull all the new leaves off for the next season and the old ones have had more time to build up resistance to pests and could be more potent.

I would not pick them too old though.

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