Autistic Children and Olive Leaf

by Mil Naj, Educator and father of an autistic teenager
(Agadir, Morocco)

Does olive leaves /olive leaf extract help treat autistic children (eliminate mercury from their brains, destroy Candida in their intestines, ...) and thank you enormously.

Olive leaf is a great weapon to have in your arsenal for getting rid of Candida overgrowth in the intestines, but it is not a complete solution on its own, especially in severe cases.

We have found that olive leaf + good quality probiotics (cultured vegetables even more so) can greatly help to correct the gut, but often autistic children simply will not eat certain foods needed to bring about a full recovery in this area.

Bone broth made from the bones of organic chicken or beef (this report from a mother of a severely autistic child) is the thing that finally fixed his very dysfunctional gut, I was told when I asked this question. It was also well liked.

Olive leaf may well benefit the brain, as some of the antioxidant components can cross the blood/brain barrier, but I do not know if it will help eliminate mercury from the brain at all.

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Autism and olive leaf
by: Milnaj

Thank you for the answer and the information.

True, autistic children are very selective in their choice of food, but sometimes you can convince them saying :" this is medecine" when the targeted food is just a small quantity: this is the case with my son.

With autistic kids nothing can be predicted in this area of food.

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