by Chris

Will Olive Leaf extract help strengthen arteries? I do have a stable thoracic aortic aneurysm and looking for ways to strengthen my vascular system.
Also does it affect atenolol?

Olive leaf is not known to strengthen arteries to my knowledge, but does relax them in animal studies.
I have personal feedback of a case where high blood pressure due to "hereditary hardening of the arteries" was brought down to normal using olive leaf extract.
Some research has also shown olive leaf extract to reduce the "stickiness" of blood platelets and so their ability to cause clots, as well as inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which can lead to atherosclerosis.
Hence some of the potential causes of aneurysms may be reduced by taking olive leaf extract.
As far as Atenolol is concerned, taking olive leaf extract needs to be cleared with your doctor as it most probably will have an adjunctive hypotensive or other effect and needs to be monitored.
It may be beneficial to start off with weak olive leaf tea if your doctor is happy for you to try it.

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