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Olive Leaf Life-Changing Bullet #001 Prevention is better...
September 07, 2018

Prevention is better...

The saying "prevention is better than cure", could have been invented for Olive Leaf Extract.

Remember when a raw sore throat made it agony to swallow, every time you inhaled the air scoured your nasal passages, a headache pounded, joints and glands ached, you just wanted to curl up and sleep but had to work, the discomfort made it nearly impossible to concentrate, you were sapped of energy but simply had to push through, and worst of all, this was going to be with you for days on end?

Why on earth go through this if you don’t have to?

You have a killer immune system but...

We have a truly amazing God-designed immune system, but when we over-stress, under-sleep and under-nourish our bodies we cripple it's ability to fight, making ourselves sitting ducks for opportunistic infections of all kinds.


The demands of 21st century living (and age) deplete us all to some extent, so what can be done? Enter Olive leaf extract.

There are three main health areas Olive leaf addresses;

  • Prevention of Disease from Infection
  • Prevention of Oxidative Damage
  • Maintenance of Cardiovascular Health

In this newsletter we will hit the tops on infections.

Before we start, you may wonder why I sometimes refer to "Olive leaf" and other times "Olive leaf extract". Well the properties are the same, the extract is just leaf concentrated by processing.

I think I’m getting sick :(

We generally know when we’re heading to get sick. The warning signs are all there, fatigue, scratchy throat, or just feeling “off colour”, less than exuberant. You can’t go to a doctor, you can’t take a medicine, you can’t stay off work, so you plod along like a sheep going to slaughter as it gets worse.

How do I stop this?

Well you can take Olive leaf extract.

It has such a wide range of antimicrobial properties that you can take it before you know what’s wrong and it will usually nip it in the bud. The sooner you start, the better the chance it will never even develop. You may even start to think it was only your imagination, because olive leaf gently makes the problem go away before it takes hold.

If you start too late, which is typically what men do, it will still fight off the brunt of the sickness leaving you able to go about your business without much discomfort. Get Olive Leaf here

For those who are super-organised planners

This is where Olive leaf really comes into its own.

Unless you are one of the unlucky few who can’t take Olive leaf, there are no side-effects so you can plan to take it and give it to the kids when you go to visit granny in the hospital for example.

If they go on a school outing, or you use public transport, you can boost resistance to all the ugly nasties lurking on hand-rails, and seats.

If you are about to attend a wedding, (I once gave it to the groom who was coming down with a cold a few days before – it worked a treat) seminar or public speaking engagement you can take it as a kind of health insurance to keep you in good shape.

We take it whenever we travel or go camping or hiking because change of environment, getting caught in the rain and a myriad of other circumstances can wreck a holiday through illness.

A final thought.

I cringe to think this of any of my subscriber friends, let alone write it, but don’t assume Olive leaf will prevent you from catching an STD. If you mess around you’ll face consequences because life is set up like that!
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