Olive tree leaf extract for children

by Karim

I have grandchildren from 1 year to 12 years old. Would that be ok to give them as precautionary measures for cold, 'flu & other viruses.

What dosage & for how long it can be given?

Yes you can use it as a precautionary.

The dosage would depend on the product you use. I have guidelines on my dosage page, but the product you buy will have a children's dosage if it is suitable for children.

I would recommend a liquid version so the dosage can be adjusted for the youngest children. You would normally start at age 2yrs, so for a 1-year-old I would give small doses only if an infection is evident.

It can be given indefinitely, but I would suggest during high-risk periods in winter, before and during school trips, before and after visiting museums etc.

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