Olive leaf and medications

by Kama
(Arizona, usa)

Question: Would like to treat husband with olive leaf while he is taking pain meds and antibiotic.

Recently had 19 teeth pulled. His stomach is also ate up from ibuprofen etc. Help.

Try a low dose to start with, maybe olive leaf tea. You could also dilute an ethanolic tincture and let him hold it in his mouth before swallowing or spitting it out.

There should be no interactions with Ibruprofen or antibiotics but play it safe with low initial doses until the meds are completed.

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Good Solutions
by: Anon Steve

I have been where you are and my Homeopathic Doctor sold me a bottle of a product called "Body Mend". Any type of shock it works on, Operations, trauma, etc.. My Doctor also put me on to Olive Leaf Extract. Both work very well. A friend of mine just fell off of a roof and broke two bones in his lower leg. Big Bone and the Small Bone. Pins went into his leg and when he came home he was in pain. Within 2 hours with Body Mend the pain was almost gone. He could hang his leg down without the throbbing Please use Olive Leaf Extract and Please Google (BODY MEND), BOTH GREAT PRODUCTS.

Steve Martin, Long time user of Both of these products with great

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