Keeps Herpes at Bay Completely

by Kacik

I have had herpes since 1991 when I became infected in college.
Not sure why, but only recently, in the last 5 years have I actually suffered with almost back to back outbreaks. Very painful, tiring, and just plain hard on my body.
Lysine was helping, but not completely, and it was drying out my skin. I could tell it acts like a diuretic in your body. Also, the more I read, the more I was convinced that I shouldn't be taking lysine for the rest of my life.

Olive leaf taken in small quantities, about 10mg 4 times daily has kept herpes away completely, and taken away all of the symptoms too. It should be started slowly; it is very powerful and can make you feel horrible if you start too quickly with a large dose.
Don't follow the label, start off with small doses.
I have tried Barleans Olive Leaf complex which I liked. Only need 1/4 tsp 4 times daily. That needs to be refrigerated though and is a bit pricey.
Now I am using Nature's Answer Olive Leaf which is very very potent, more so than Barleans. All I need with that is one small drop 4 times daily; not a dropper full, but one single drop 4 times daily. Wicked potent and works very quickly.

I experienced slight headaches, sweating, slight scratchy throat while first taking the extract, but then that subsided and I felt better, energized, and cleansed.
I highly recommend it. Try different brands to see what works best for you.

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