Getting a cold

by Shawn
(Arlington, Texas)

When I first started taking the olive leaf capsules I was fine and 2 days later I have a cold. Is that normal?

You are most probably experiencing a Herxheimer reaction to an infection of some sort. It may have been dormant, or coming on, or low-level, but it will pass and you should feel great in a day or two.

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by: Terence

Good advice.

That is my experience as well. I keep taking it for about a week after getting rid of a cold that caught me by surprise.

Caught cold
by: Kristal

My experience with OLE has been that if you don't have an existing infection when you start taking it, you won't get one. However, if you have an existing infection when you first start taking it, it will lessen the severity of the infection.

The other thing too, is that you need to be consistent with OLE doses. Take it everyday consistently.

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