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Olive Leaf Life-Changing Bullet #002 Prevention is better...
June 07, 2021

Does Olive Leaf Help With Covid 19?

Is there any anecdotal evidence of Olive Leaf Extract being successfully used against Covid 19, as prevention or cure?

This question was asked of me recently, and yes, I do have some very encouraging news.

Possible Cure Example

This case was very close to home, in the form of a family member aged 81 years with high blood pressure and various other issues – a likely candidate for bad outcomes.(Not the person in the above pic.)

When we heard she was sick we contacted her via Skype, as we reside in another country and during the call the dear lady was breathless after each sentence, was coughing, was very weak, and we were told by her carer she had not eaten for days, had bad diarrhoea and had been tested for Covid but was waiting for the result. The only medication given to her was Ibuprofen and an antidiarrhoeal medicine which she could not keep down so was not taking.

We learned she still had a bottle of our olive leaf tincture which we had left with her 16 years previously. There was nothing to lose so I suggested she take 20 drops 3 times a day to start with and asked her carer get some zinc from the health shop and give it to her as soon as possible. (Yes, the olive leaf tincture in the pic.) See

So what do you think happened?

On the third day she had an amazing turnaround and wanted to eat. The diarrhoea was gone and her chest felt easier. They had not bought the zinc yet so it was only the olive leaf tincture that could have made the difference, and the test had come back positive so this was not some other bug she had caught.

She continued to make a quick recovery, adding the zinc now to her regimen and was completely over it a few weeks from the onset.

I must mention that many people were praying for her at the time and don’t want to give olive leaf undue credit, perhaps the olive leaf was the answer to prayer, or perhaps it was the prayer alone that caused her recovery. I believe in both, the important thing is she recovered.

Possible prevention example

In response to the question of prevention on my FaceBook page I had this report.

"Been taking olive leaf since February, my wife had Covid - tested positive for 4 weeks(2 tests out of 3 came back positive )I was tested the same time as my wife( 3 tests over 6 weeks) and I was negative every time.

What can we deduce from this?

You can't prove anything from a couple of occurrences, but at least they bear out what Olive Leaf Extract has been used for a long long time for - to improve immunity and whittle back the power of an infection, be it viral, bacterial or other.

My wife and I take it daily, and to be honest haven't had a day's concern about catching Covid 19 or passing it on to someone else.

To be sure, we didn't invite it and supplemented with vit's D3, K and zinc also as they have all proven effective in Covid 19 prevention and treatment - and more safely than the dubious experimental gene therapy currently being foisted upon the world which is only designed and claimed to lessen symptoms if you catch the dreaded bug, not cure, prevent transmission or provide immunity. That only your immune system can do.

Stay well, and keep some olive leaf extract in the cupboard - just in case.

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