Stimulate hair growth.

by Aiman

Q: Is it true that Olive Leaf extract can stimulate hair growth? Please and thank you.


I have never heard of that before, no one I know has tried it and measured the results. My hair has always grown well, except where it is thinning - I don't know if the olive leaf has had any effect on it.

If you decide to try it and it makes a difference, I would like to know as well.

With olive leaf I never say never.

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hair growth
by: Anonymous

As far as I know from my great grandmother to my mother now also my sister and I have thinning hair.

Just yesterday I visited my sister, noticing that her hair looks fuller. Asking her about it she said she's been using olive leaf extract. Her skin looks healthier too, without using any other skin products. so I suppose it answers the question about whether it helps if thinning hair is genetic.

I'm definitely going to use it. been wrecking my brain for years how to grow hair inexpensively!!!

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