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Health is ultimately about lifestyle.
What we eat, how we live, what we subject our bodies to plays a huge role in long term heath.
We can't all live on an untouched island eating olives and seafood, (we'd get bored at any rate) but wherever we are, there are ways to improve health and happiness.
These additional resources are to help find the best ways to look after your body wherever you are.

Have you ever read about how easily you absorb toxins through your skin? Most skin care products contain preservatives or disinfectants that over time can play havoc with various organs and your immune system.
Here's a great website that will show you how to make a variety of healthy soaps.
Natural soap making

Organically grown food is a must in the quest for optimal health and to avoid chronic illnesses as we age. The better natural nutrition we can give our bodies the more able it is to rebuild and maintain itself.
Of course organic food costs more to produce so it is'nt always affordable, however, even if you have little space there is usually a way to grow some organic produce of your own.
There is a wealth of great information on growing your own produce at this site.
Organic gardening for life

Another delicious and healthy habit to cultivate is that of juicing. Not only is it good for giving you a daily boost, but juicing and consuming certain vegetables and herbs seriously according to proven recipies can often halt and even reverse serious medical conditions for which allopathic medicine has no answer other than to alleviate the symptoms.
Most people resort to juicing when it is too late, having tried "the easy way" using all the drugs available and leaving their bodies too weak to fight.
Even if one remains on a drug protocol, raw fruit and vegetable juices are often the key to turning the clock back and restoring system damage. Of course, organic fruit and vegetables are highly recommended for juicing, otherwise you are probably drinking concentrated pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers at the same time.
Some great information and help on this website.
Natural juicing remedies/a>


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