Eczema and Asthma

by Doris Hammond
(Santa Barbara,CA)


Does Olive Leaf extract help with eczema and asthma?


Skin conditions are many and varied, and olive leaf seems to help with some and not with others.

Often the underlying cause of a skin condition is diet or poor gut health, rather than a topical problem.

If it has to do with diet, olive leaf will not override the cause.

If it has to do with an infection, olive leaf extract often does help but a long term solution always involves giving your body raw and probiotic-rich foods and cutting back on the refined, sugary stuff.

See the comment made by one user under "Typical Uses" for an example of a good skin result.

Olive leaf extract can help with psoriasis and eases inflammation, but eczema caused by eating foods which trigger it off does not usually respond significantly in my experience.

I believe childhood asthma often responds well when carbonated drinks, fruit juices and teas are replaced by water.
Many children drink little or no water which can result in all kinds of problems.

Olive leaf is not reputed to deal with asthma.

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